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Pulcinella (Neapolitan: Pullecenella) is originally a figure of the southern Italian and Neapolitan folk theater. The name means "little chicken" (Italian pulcino for "chicken" with the reduction -ella, crossed with pullo for "dark, black"). The name may possibly be traced back to an actor named Puccio d’Agnello, who, as a peasant, is said to have come across wandering theater troupes with a nimble tongue. Another thesis says that a certain Puccio d'Anielle, a peasant from Acerra, with a tanned face and a long nose, appears in a painting by Annibale Carracci, which the actor Silvio Fiorillo (Capua, approx. 1560-1570) invented inspired the mask. The Pulcinell was usually a kind of living newspaper. In the evening you could hear from him everything that happened during the day in Naples. Pulcinella also stands for the beautiful life, you can often see him eating spaghetti with his hands. You could also use it as the Italian counterpart for Shakespeare See Falstaff. In Acerra, Italy, this figure has its own museum, the Museo di Pulcinella.

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